The Managers

Don't just choose us because we've built profitable and sustainable investment strategies, choose us because of our credibility and candor.

The Vision

The company’s vision is to help you achieve meaningful financial success so you can live the life you deserve, so live it we’ve got your back.

The Business Target

Make as many members who join us stick with us through the provision of solid customer satisfaction today and always.


Hello and welcome to your smart financial platform.

MyLifetimeCoin is a company that can be trusted, it's legitimate and ethical. The platform was designed to help people, just like yourself achieve reasonable financial success from staking and lending cryptocurrency. In the last years thousands of people have made money trading cryptocurrency, However it is a FACT that many have lost millions joining the wrong platforms and that’s why we are online.

To help investors make the most of their money through the provision of sound financial services. We are rooted in passive investing that pays you daily or monthly depending on the investment offer you choose.

We make countless smart decisions for you daily. You just need to make one by putting us to work, Join and Earn with Us Now!.

Stake & Lend Your Money

simple reasons to choose us

It's Reliable

We don't make up stories, The deal is simple, if you invest with us, You will earn massive profit.

It's Profitable

Our approach to passive investing pays you 10 times more than a typical investor.

It's Sustainable

MLCoin is a fixer for the long term earners. slow and steady you will succeed with us.

Pays Instantly

No restrictions on your profits with low minimum cashout of just $2.50

100% Satisfaction

We offer 30days money back guarantee on satisfactory support.

Pays Ref Commission

Earn instant referral commission 2 levels deep: 5% and 2%.

We Pay 0.65% - 3.0% Daily

Current Value $0.0221 - $0.02+ from yesterday

Smart Lending Pays Daily Returns
We pay daily returns and return principal at the end of investment period. We operate 4 lending contract.
0.65% ==>> 3.0%
Ivesting with Us is secured and profit returns are sure
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Some Recently Financed Projects

Money Lent Are Wisely And Reliably Invested. Investors' Tour Permitted.

  • Newly completed 2/3 bed bungalows

  • Newly completed 2/3 bed bungalows. This estate project was completed recently, and we are still investing.
  • Expected To be completed In May 2019

  • This is one project we recently invested in. It is in Hong Kong. The developers are working hard to ensure this project is completed in May 2019.
  • A magnificent shopping mall

  • This will be one magnificent shopping mall and is expected to be completed on or before December 2019.

3 Sure Ways to Profit at MLCoin

investors can stake or lend

  • Staking

  • At MyLifeTimeCoin , we reward you for holding coins for the network. This means anyone holding MLCoin in their Staking wallet receive interest on their balance in return for helping maintain security of the network and transaction validation.

    We operate a 1month and 3month staking package which helps you earn between 15% - 20% monthly rewards.
  • Lending

  • Lending is a form of smart investment that allows you to profit daily from automated MLCoin technology driven trades.

    We manage a volatility software based on cryptocurrency to generate daily profits. The percentage of profits generated is then shared to all investors paying 0.65% - 3.0% daily return and principal return at the end of your choosen trading period.
  • Affiliate

  • Telling others about MLCoin is what you will surely do as we offer great services, the great thing is you get a rewarded with a commission.

    Note: It is not necessary to have an investment at MLCoin to participate in our affiliate program, meaning that as a FREE member you're entitled to massive earning potentials.