How risky is MLCoin opportunity?

There are no sure bets in the world of investing; there is risk in everything, However, because you have choosen us to help you grow your money, we have no option but to bear the risk and let you enjoy the profits. MLCoin carries very minimal investment risk, we specialise in low risk but smart investing.


How secured is the platform?

At MLCoin, the safety of our members’ funds is at the top of our list of priorities. As traders and experts with experience spanning decades, we understand the importance of safeguarding investments. We have implemented the highest level of technology and compliance to ensure that your investments are more than adequately protected.

Please bear in mind that here at mylifetimecoin.com, our team members will NEVER ask you for your account password at any time! Take responsible steps to keep your account safe at your end, and it will be totally safe on our end!


How long time will it take me to make reasonable profit?

The time it takes to make profit depends on your level of dedication in the form of

How much you’re willing to invest: The more you invest the more profit you earn

Your willingness to tell others about the platform: While referring others is not compulsory to earn, never forget is also a way to make more money for yourself.

While earnings can begin the same day you join the platform, reasonable profits can be achieved on average of 30 – 60days. Note the longer you remain with us the more money you will be able to earn.


How long will MLCoin be online?

MyLifetimeCoin platform is well going to be online for a very long period of time and this is because of our credibility firstly and also because the profit we generates far exceeds the interest to be paid out as well as any commissions.
The real question here is how long would you want to earn with us?


Why should I use this investment platform, if I can register at any exchange and trade cryptocurrency on my own?

There is no doubt that anybody can trade cryptocurrency, however, trading yourself in the cryptocurrency market would most certainly result in financial loss if you do not have the right tools and the expertise needed, it’s not just about the time to sit in front of a computer and real profitable trade cannot be based on guess works.

But with our organized MLCoin investment platform things are different. We’re professional traders who use data and technological innovations.

We have access to paid and closed news aggregators. These aggregators gather news on each cryptocurrency and publish them within seconds

MLCoin software trade around the clock, so we do not miss an opportunity to make money, while one person physically can’t monitor markets 24 hours a day.


Why Choose MyLifetimeCoin Financial Services?

Among others below are some of the top reasons why we stand head and shoulders above our competitors:
·         Reliability: Our trading team are expert and people to associate with; we are backed by leading exchanges and are confident in our superb capabilities. We execute low risk – profitable trades every single days and we do this with excellent precision.

·         Trading Plans: We operate three realistic plans which is designed for wide range of investors, the plans are profitable and very well sustainable making it possible for investors to enjoy longer earning time.

·         Customer Service: We have high regards for our members and take them personally and provide a top notch customer service. Our proficient and friendly representatives are online to answer any questions 24 hours a day, 7days a week.

·         Innovation: We are dedicated to constant advancement and reinvention to make sure your investments with us are safe and your returns are stable.

·         Our Online System: MyLifetimeCoin operates one of the most user friendly and secured trading platform , we got extra security customization to help protect our program and investors accounts, in terms of hosting, our program is hosted on a dedicated server with DDOS protection from Cloud flare, with security we say you are 99.9% secured.

·         No Commissions: We charge absolutely zero commissions on all wallet funding and deposit withdrawal you make full returns on all trades.

We want you to know your investments are safe, your returns are sure and that MyLifetimeCoin operates with “you” as our No 1 priority.


Can I Have Multiple Account?

No, it is forbidden by the terms of service. The maximum lending and staking amount should allows each member to maximize his or her earning potential from one account, if you have special need to go above this set limits, do contact us and we would be happy to help you out.


Do I Get Returns on my Investments Everyday?

We pay investors everyday depending on the investment term you subscribe to.Lending allows earning by days while staking attracts monthly returns.
The real question here is how long would you want to earn with us?


What is the minimum and maximum withdrawable amount?

The minimum withdrawable amount is $2.50. Members are allowed maximum of 2 withdrawals delay with no limits on the amount you can withdraw.


What is the minimum investment allowed?

The minimum investment is $10


How long does it take for my investment to be activated?

Investment are instantly activated, the process is autopilot so there is no case of delay. If you invest using bitcoin or other cryptocurrency it becomes active after 3 confirmation from blockchain network.


How fast is my profit paid when I make a withdrawal request?

Withdraw is processed INSTANTLY with no hassels.