Picking The Right Lending Package          - -         Tuesday. 16th October, 2018

Many investors have asked what is the best package to lend money on. The simple truth is they are all good depending on how much you wish to lend.

Any money lent by investors are safely secured on verifiable projects. That way, your money and profit is secured.

So, one common way of picking the right project used by some of the big investors here is this. Login to your MyLifeTimeCoin.Com and refresh the page several times, and the system will recommend a package for you to buy into. The system does the recommendation based on trend and popularity of the package at the moment. So once recommended, we suggest you buy without delay.

As the MyLifeTimeCoin grows more and more daily, arrangements are under way to have several seminars in different countries from December, where everyone will be invited, (an opportunity too for you to meet those behind the running of MyLifeTimeCoin), to discuss new projects and how they can better benefit you. You will be adequately informed ahead of time.

We wish you a lovely day/evening ahead.


New Investment Project Added With Photo          - -         Thursday. 11th October, 2018

We are glad to announce to you our recent investment project. Our investors will be happy to know that their investments are secure on verifiable, reliable and viable projects in different parts of the world.

Yet again, we are announcing to you our new addition. You may contact us for a tour and we will honor your request.

Details and photo about the project:

To Be Completed In Early To Late 2019
Yet again, another project our investors money are securely invested in. These apartments, offices, supermarkets, upscale boutiques, and shopping mall spaces in a centrally located area of Dubai should be completed and retail commencing in early to late 2019.

Our big investors may request for inspections, and if you are interested in buying any of the apartments on completion, do contact us.

Project In Dubai

Login to your account now to lend money into this project.
These are the easy steps to follow to lend money.

Step 1
Login Into Your MyLifeTimeCoin.Com account and click on the Deposit Funds link.

Select to deposit money through BitCoin, Payeer, or Perfect Money.

After successfully depositing money into your account through BitCoin, Payeer, or Perfect Money, follow the following step.

Step 2
Click on the Deposit Funds link again, but this time instead of depositing money go to the section to Buy MLCoin Using E-currency.
Then from the Processor, select the Processor your just deposited money into and enter the amount of MLCoin you wish to buy. As you enter the amount, it is automatically converted so you know how much MLCoin you will get.

Once you complete buying MLCoin, the next and final step is to Lend Money

Step 3
Click on the Lend Money link. Look through the lending packages that are on sale, and pick your choice.
Enter the amount you wish to lend, how long you want the lending to be, and Lend.

Once your lending is complete, wait for a few more hours and you will begin to see money coming into your account as profit.

The whole process is that simple. And you can start withdrawing money almost immediately.

If you need any further explanation do not hesitate to contact us at, and you will surely get a respond within the shortest time.


MyLifetimCoin Keeps Growing, Grow Your Money with Us          - -         Tuesday. 9th October, 2018

Warm greetings to you from MyLifetimeCoin team, Let us first congratulate you for been a part of this opportunity that is changing lives and helping people live better. We thank you all for your wonderful support since the opening of MLCoin. We have experienced constant growth which is only possible because you’re on our side.

MLCoin is a legal business and our investment returns are not only profitable, they are also sustainable meaning we would be able to keep paying all members for years. We urge all free members to take the bold step of investing with us with a guarantee that your investment are safe and your returns are guaranteed. They are three ways to grow your money at MLCoin;
• Earn from staking 15% - 20% monthly returns
• Earn from lending 0.65% - 3.0% daily
• Earn by referring other investors

It’s been 29Days since we launch to global investors, so far the business is going smoothly and we are pleased to be receiving lots of testimonials which would be published on our website soon.

We can be reached via email or through the live chat which is operated 12hours daily. Send us am email , we would love to hear from you.

ALL WITHDRAWALS REQUEST HAVE BEEN PROCESSED. Share your payment proofs and let the world know we are keeping our promises.


Processing Your Withdrawal          - -         Tuesday. 2nd October, 2018

If you are the owner of this account M632599, please contact us. We have sent a message to your email informing you that your bitcoin address is wrong and we could not process your withdrawal.

Please always ensure you enter your correct Perfect Money, Payeer or BitCoin address whenever you are making a withdrawal as this helps with smooth processing of your withdrawal.

We wish you a lovely day.


$10 Bonus          - -         Monday. 24th September, 2018

Our growth has been very good. All thanks to our active members who work tirelessly and continuously referring others to join MyLifeTimeCoin.Com

The management has decided to compensate every member, new or old with a $10 bonus. We believe this will give your account a positive balance, and by so doing encourage you to talk more about MyLifeTimeCoin with friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, on forums, on facebook or other social media network. As you know, we also pay you a multi-level referral commission for bringing people to join MyLifeTimeCoin.Com.

If you are an old members, the moment you login to your account, you will receive the $10 bonus. But if you are a new member, during registration, the money will be credited to your account.

The money is available in your account, but please note that you must activate it before you can withdraw it. And to activate it is not something difficult. Just buy a stake package or even lend and the money is available for withdrawal or sending. This is to encourage everyone to be active.

Do not forget that referring others to join under you is one big way to make money.

Please login to your account to view your bonus payment.

Do let us know if you have any questions.

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